Life has many (tube) stations, phases that make us choose where we are heading. With YOUR aim in mind YOU can focus better, get training and learn the techniques, thus learn and try YOURself out and get courage that helps YOU to better achieve YOUR goal and focus where YOU want to be.

The Coaching Approach

In the beginning of a coaching journey I work with discovery sessions (including questionnaires) to deepen the understanding of what the client wants to focus on in the coaching process. Then depending on the client’s needs and request, I will recommend either short or long-term coaching interventions. 

As a coach I support the client in this process with a particular focus on COURAGE. Throughout the working relationship, the conversations will be very direct and personal. As a coach I will be honest and straightforward, asking clarifying questions and making empowering requests. The purpose of the interaction is to hold the client’s focus on their desired outcome and to coach them to stay clear, focused and in action. The coaching relationship is built on trust and the content of the discussions will remain completely confidential. I am working in accordance with the standard of the International Coaching Federation (ICF): The ICF code of ethics  


One on One Coaching


...and so what is next for you? Sunny side, chocolate, career, Prada, partner and kids? It takes courage to take a look at here & now and what YOU are aiming for, what tomorrow shall bring. Together we will identify your goals (CAREER, JOB, BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP, SELF-DEVELOPMENT, CHANGE) and start bringing them alive:

•  Who are you being? Are you curious about who you are and what you are holding back? What fulfills you? Have you ever wondered what you want more of?

•  What are you doing? Are you stuck in your work, career? Do you want more, but don't know exactly what and how? Do you feel a change coming?

•  Where are you going? Do you know what you aim for in life? What are your dreams? What fulfills you? Are you actually doing what you really want?

I am happy to offer Co-Active® Coaching with a particular focus on COURAGEous self-development, career and womanhood. 


Group Coachingching

... how does one want to be in a group? How do the group members want to be themselves and with each other? What does the group want to work on and how to get to the joint objective(s)? Coaching, support and guidance of groups in their quest to find out and improve how to be, act and work together towards a particular goal.



What is next for a group, team, department, business unit, the whole company/ organization?


We offer support and facilitation regarding vision and mission statement creation, strategic planning, process improvement, team meetings/workshops and change management in national and international context (in German, English, Spanish, French). 

Vision and Mission 

...where does a company/organization want to be; how do you see yourselves developing towards? We help to find out, shape and create, review the vision and mission. 

Strategy Development, Planning and Implementation

...we aim to facilitate your process of development and definition of strategic goals, breaking them down into feasible and measurable actions and planning your  implementation. 

Process Improvement

...what is at the core of your work? We help to identify opportunities for optimizing your processes.

Workshop Facilitation

...tailored to a group or team's need we facilitate the meeting so you can work on your goals, discuss issues, find consensus (decision-making regarding various topics) and identify next steps. 

Facilitating Change

...something is quite not working out and the company does not know where they are heading towards. For example the company/organization's production is not as high as planned and there is no expected rise in sales figures. Together with you and your colleagues let's take a look at where you are aiming, how to get back on track and what to do next.   



For training needs (e.g. communication, leadership skills, coaching for leaders, English)  please contact me directly.